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ico-coffee.png  Coffee Excellence

Coffee has been in common use for over 1,000 years but few know the secrets of preparing a really great cup of coffee.  It takes the best engineered equipment and prime quality coffee beans, but most of all it demands a serious commitment to the art and science of coffee making and to customer service.

ico-food.png  Fresh Food

It is all fresh. Taste the difference!  Then you will understand what underpins the Boatdeck quality distinction. The Boatdeck Cafe caters for all tastes with our creative pizza menu (such a pity the Internet doesn't have smell!) to silver service salads, steaks and fish at Cafe prices!

ico-wine.png  Beyond Wine List

No restaurant is worthy of the name without a first class range of wine and beer on offer.  Expect the best at the Boatdeck, but we also offer a range to complement every taste and budget as well as all the usual soft drinks and juices.  BYO is available.

The Boatdeck Cafe has been serving quality food since 1998 when Joe Karam, Director of Youssef Karam Enterprises, first established the Cafe on the Lake - literally with a boat deck - before it was relocated to its fine new premises in the prime location at the Mawson Lakes Shopping Centre in 2004.

Look for us now on the corner as you drive in to the centre for easy car parking and a great view of the waterways, which make Mawson Lakes famous.